MCU Fans Are Upset Over Ms. Marvel's CGI

Since the first trailer for Ms. Marvel debuted in March, MCU fans have been quite vocal about the drastic change to Kamala Khan's powers,

which are more cosmic than physical on the small screen.

The show's creative team has explained why this change happened in order to tie Ms. Marvel to other cosmic storylines,

although this hasn't calmed all worries about what Marvel Studios has in store.

While fans are already invested in Kamala's story as she makes her mark within the MCU,

the topic of CGI has once again taken center stage as Marvel Studios moves further along into Phase 4.

This continues to be the case with Ms. Marvel specifically, as fans made their

voices heard on the show's use of CGI after the first episode debuted to the public.

Following the debut of Ms. Marvel on Disney+, critiques regarding the CGI work in the series have flooded the internet.