McCartney marks 80th birthday with Springsteen, 60,000 pals

Hard to think of a better way for Paul McCartney to celebrate his 80th birthday than by singing

“Glory Days” onstage with Bruce Springsteen or being serenaded by some 60,000 well-wishers.

That's right, the “cute Beatle” turns 80 on Saturday.

It's one of those cultural milestones that bring a sharp intake of breath

has it been THAT long? — along with an appreciation of what he still has to offer.

For it has been more than a half-century now since the Beatles broke up,

a realization that hits you like that 1970s-era joke about young people saying,

“Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?”

Like several other members of the “hope I die before I get old” generation, including Bob Dylan.