Kenny Loggins Talks “Danger Zone” Return For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and Upcoming Memoir

A Memoir, due out June 14, the iconic Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated musician

wasn’t even among the top choices to record the high-octane number

written by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock for the 1986 Top Gun soundtrack.

But, through a series of events, Loggins went on to rock the song,

which became arguably his most synonymous hit,

instantly cemented in pop culture as a quintessential ’80s anthem.

Although “Danger Zone” was a solid number when Moroder and Whitlock wrote it,

Loggins had to tinker with the tune — chord changes and lyrics — for the final product to be a massive hit.

In fact, as he notes in his memoir, Loggins did enough to merit a co-writing credit,