Matthew McConaughey Meets Biden and Pleads for an End to Gun Violence

The Uvalde, Texas, native appeared in the White House briefing room and called for new gun control measures.

The actor Matthew McConaughey, a native son of Uvalde, Texas, took the lectern in the White House briefing room

on Tuesday and spoke of learning, in his boyhood, “to revere the power and the capability” of a gun.

He then told of the horror he felt at losing 19 school children in his hometown to a man with a

rifle so high-powered that it disfigured many of their bodies beyond recognition.

Fresh off a meeting with President Biden, Mr. McConaughey echoed

the president’s call for expanded background checks on gun buyers,

new “red flag” laws and additional restrictions on the purchase of AR-15 rifles like the one used to kill 19 children

and two teachers at an elementary school in Uvalde last month.

He cast himself as a voice for responsible gun owners and described, in graphic detail, the horrors of gun violence.