Matthew Lillard is just as mad as us about the ‘Scream 6’ team allegedly trying to underpay Neve Campbell

Matthew Lillard has called out the Scream team for trying to underpay Neve Campbell for a role in Scream 6.

ICYMI, Campbell announced earlier this week she wouldn’t be returning to the Scream franchise for the sixth film.

She said in a statement via Deadline the offer producers made to her to star in the film

didn’t equate to the value she had brought to the franchise. Preach queen.

Scream would be nothing without Miss Sydney Prescott.

Lillard played Stu Macher, who was one of the original Ghostfaces targeting Campbell’s character in Scream.

He was asked about his co-star’s departure in a recent episode of the Fireside Chat podcast.

In a clip of the podcast, which went viral on Twitter, Lillard defended Campbell’s decision,

saying she deserved to be paid appropriately for her worth to the franchise.