Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks About Making ‘Ms. Marvel’ Unique In The MCU

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently discussed how the studio’s approach to the Marvel

Cinematic Universe has made Ms. Marvel distinct from other recent and upcoming MCU projects.

Ms. Marvel tells the story of 16 year-old Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American girl who has grown up

in the world of the Avengers and who soon finds herself with superpowers of her own.

Kamala is an avid fan of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, even cosplaying as the hero as she attends AvengerCon,

and is eager to follow in her hero’s footsteps once she finds herself exhibiting superhuman abilities.

It’s fair to say Ms. Marvel is a far cry from the edgier, deadlier, more twisted world of Marvel’s last Disney Plus series, Moon Knight.

The new series, led by Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, comes from a brighter, more fun, more uplifting corner of the MCU.

While speaking at the Ms. Marvel press conference, Kevin Feige touched on just what it is that sets each Marvel project apart.