Marvel’s going all in on animation with Spider-Man: Freshman Year and even more X-Men ‘97

Though Marvel’s live-action projects are a big part of what’s got people hyped for this year’s

San Diego Comic-Con, the studio’s Hall H showcase today made clear that animation’s going to be a big part of the MCU’s future.

In addition to announcing its I Am Groot series, Marvel Studios head of streaming, TV, and

animation Brad Winderbaum and head of visual development Ryan Meinerding took the

stage in Hall H to discuss new details about Spider-Man: Freshman Year, X-Men ’97, Marvel Zombies.

second and newly announced third seasons will once again focus on the Watcher (Geoffrey Wright)

as he gazes across the multiverse upon the many different realities that now make up the MCU.

it’s likely that the rules will be a little different as the series progresses

and continues to reimagine pivotal moments from previous MCU films.