Marvel Studios to Hold TWO Major Panel Events for Comic-Con 2022

After the successful Infinity Saga, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in an age of

expansion in Phase 4, introducing new heroes and villains into the mix while also showcasing animated projects.

served as the first foray of the studio into the realm of animation,

telling a plethora of alternate universe stories featuring beloved MCU characters that ultimately led to a crossover.

has been confirmed to be the first of many, with a lead executive from the studio

teasing that more animated projects are on the way. In addition, Marvel Studios

veteran executive Victoria Alonso, who has since been promoted to president of physical and post-production,

visual effects, and animation production, also confirmed that the studio is "going to have (its) animation branch and mini studio"

noting that "there will be more to come" from this new Marvel branch as well.