Marvel Artist Says Character Royalty Payments For Creators Are 'Bait and Switch'

The co-creators of Yelena Belova say they thought they had signed a contract entitling them to

$25k apiece for the Black Widow movie and the various other appearances that came along

with it, such as action figures and video games. Instead, they were paid just $5k.

Having spoken to a number of creators, Marvel’s financial offerings seem a bit of a bait and switch,” artist J.G. Jones told The Hollywood Reporter.

They throw out a large number, then little by little they whittle down the actual payout.”

It’s like the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes,” said writer Devin Grayson. “You could win $1 million, but you won’t.

Essentially, the contract seems to offer very clear terms of payment.

Her agreement, signed in 2007, states that Grayson would receive $25,000 for a theatrical film

appearance of the character, $2,000 for an episode of TV over 30 minutes, and $1,000 for an episode of TV 30 minutes or less.