Mark Rylance Was Hurt Over “Nasty” Comments From Real-Life ‘Trial of the Chicago 7’ Figures

Mark Rylance didn’t appreciate certain remarks that he remembers being made by real-life figures portrayed in his film The Trial of the Chicago 7.

During an interview with The New York Times that published online on Friday,

Rylance responded to a question about whether the chance to play real-life

golfer Maurice Flitcroft, who died in 2007, was part of the appeal of starring in

his new film The Phantom of the Open.

As it turned out, Rylance, having portrayed defense attorney William Kunstler in Netflix’s fact-based 2020 film

Chicago 7, said he’s learned that playing prominent public figures can be tricky to navigate.

“I’m wary of playing very famous people,” Rylance explained.

Even William Kunstler is a bit on the edge of people really knowing him.