Mariah Carey sued for her iconic song 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'; Here's why

Singer-songwriter-record producer Mariah Carey has been accused of plagiarism as a

country music songwriter has claimed copyright infringement over 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'.

Mariah and co-writer Walter Afansieff are named in the lawsuit by songwriter Andy Stone,

who claims his 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' by Vince Vance & the

Valiants from 1989 is being infringed, reports 'Deadline'.

Stone filed his papers in the US District Court in the Eastern District of Louisiana.

While the songs have the same title,

there is only a hint of Mariah's melody or lyrics beyond the title call-out.

Her version of the song came out in 1994 and has become a holiday staple on radio,