Manifest fans, this is what you’ve been waiting for from Netflix

One of my favorite entertainment storylines to watch unfold last year was the way the

fandom around NBC’s canceled show Manifest pulled together to engineer one of the most grassroots un-cancellations in recent TV history.

Part of what made it so fun to watch unfold is also that fans didn’t simply beg Netflix to bring back Manifest.

They got organized. And they re-watched the absolute heck out of this drama

which unceremoniously had the rug pulled out from under it by NBC,

before creator Jeff Rake could, no pun intended, land the plane and finish telling the story he wanted to tell.

Thanks to all the re-watching, Manifest die-hards kept the show at

the top of Netflix’s TV charts for so long that the streamer really had no choice.

Fans made Manifest — in its canceled state — the #1 show on Netflix for weeks.