Love Is Blind’s Deepti Vempati Slams Nose Job Comments: ‘It’s My F–king Face, Get Over it’

Love Is Blind star Deepti Vempati clapped back after commenters “made fun” of

her nose during a social media appearance with costar Kyle Abrams — and it’s clear she doesn’t tolerate trolls.

“You guys, this is my real nose,” the reality star, 29, said in response to attacks

being made on her appearance during a TikTok live with Abrams, 31. “Stop making fun of it.”

The Illinois native shut down abuse immediately, explaining, “this is how I was born,

I’m not changing it” and clarifying that those who were concerned with

her physical appearance could simply “get over it” because “it’s my f–king face.”

Kyle quickly jumped in to deflect the tension by claiming that he was the one who needed “a nose job,

because he had been “in a car accident.