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Lightyear Movie Review: Chris Evans' film is technically rich but lacks the soul of Toy Story

If you are a Toy Story fan, then Buzz Lightyear might be one of the reasons why you fell in love with the franchise.

There’s something instantly likeable and relatable to this space suit wearing super hero.

The latest spin-off film, aptly titled Lightyear, revolves around the intergalactic adventures of Buzz.

However, unlike Tim Allen's Buzz, this one is not a toy.

He is a real life Space Ranger who is trying to save the people and the planet.

No surprise that when it is about saving a certain planet and time travel,

Chris Evans' name somehow finds its way into this movie.

Evans is the voice behind the Space Ranger Buzz.

The animated Buzz has a square-shaped jaw and a make-belief arc to him.