Lightyear: Ending Explained and Post-Credits Check-In

Lightyear is the story of Buzz Lightyear, a Space Ranger in Star Command, that

inspired the beloved toy from Toy Story that was gifted to Andy Davis when he was a

child. While many of us grew up watching the adventures of Buzz Lightyear the toy,

Lightyear focuses on the time-traveling journey the actual movie hero underwent, which was a favorite of Andy's.

Tim Allen voiced Buzz in the Toy Story films, but Captain

America’s Chris Evans has taken on the iconic role in Lightyear.

The decision was made by the team to make it clear that “this is not the Toy Story Buzz,”

but instead the hero from the movie that spawned the toy phenomenon in the original film’s universe.

So what exactly happens in this fictional movie from the world of Toy Story?