Let Jennifer Aniston and Sebastian Stan make a rom-com together, right now

The Morning Show’s Jennifer Aniston and Pam & Tommy’s Sebastian Stan recently linked up for Variety’s Actors

On Actors series, where they, among other things, discussed the sacred rom-com genre.

The topic arose when Stan shared that one of his favorite films is Roger

Michell’s 1999 feature Notting Hill, starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

“If I could live in Notting Hill, the movie, forever, I would,” Stan told Aniston (Same, Sebastian, same). “There were a lot of those movies that were great.”

From there, the two talked about the current state of the beloved genre, which is when Aniston asks Stan if he’d like to make a rom-com with her.

“Why do they have such a bad rap these days? ‘Cause wouldn’t it be fun to do one? Do you want to do it?” Aniston asks Stan.

“I would do one in a second with you,” Stan replies.

Now, this needs to actually happen. In the ‘00s, Aniston starred in mainstream rom-coms such as The Break Up