Lawyer Camille Vasquez will celebrate her 38th birthday in Europe with boyfriend and Johnny Depp

In addition to visiting her famous client, Johnny Depp, and going to Elton John and

The Rolling Stones concerts, Camille Vasquez, the most well-known

attorney around, will have lavish celebrations for her 38th birthday.

Her partner organised the celebrations for her, and they'll be spending the

special day outside of the United States and, more specifically, in Europe.

According to sources quoted by TMZ, Vasquez recently travelled to London, the home of her lover Ed Owen.

Not only do they have Wimbledon as part of their plans, but will also attend concerts by The Rolling Stones and Elton John.

They will then take a flight to Prague to watch Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck perform live.

Whether Depp will welcome her onto the stage is still an unanswered question. If so, the crowd are likely to greet her warmly.