Kylie Jenner Would Like a Word With Her Instacart Driver

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in Kylie Jenner’s complex

relationship with food-delivery apps. Four years ago, you may recall, she took to

Postmates to order herself a single carrot. Unfortunately, things have since taken a

more hostile turn. Now, Jenner seems to be feuding with an Instacart delivery

person who posted some unwelcome details about her home on his TikTok after delivering her some fancy pepperoni.

On Wednesday, TikTok user Pablo Tamayo posted a video claiming his

Instacart gig sent him to deliver a $12 package of pepperoni from the high-end

grocery store Erewhon to Jenner’s house in L.A. According to Tamayo’s post,

the order was placed “under the name of Ashton,” which he assumed was “her assistant or something”