Kylie Jenner says she is on a 'mission to get strong again' amid tons of postpartum pain

Kylie Jenner has been working hard to regain her strength after four months of postpartum

following the birth of her second child earlier this year.

Kylie and Travis Scott welcomed their son in February 2022 and Jenner

who has been sharing videos of herself working out on Instagram,

opened up about dealing with pain during the same in her new post.

Kylie shared an Instagram story where she was at the gym and sharing a selfie video captioned it as "No off days."

She later also dropped another story where she opened up about her four-month postpartum and wrote, "4 months postpartum.

I have been dealing with tons of back and knee pain this time so it slows down my workouts

but I am on a mission to get strong again.