Kim Kardashian's fans spot editing blunder in old clip of KUWTK

Kardashians's eagle-eyed fans have spotted edit fail in old clip showing KUWTK was staged for decades.

The viewers have noticed an editing blunder in an old clip of Keeping Up

With The Kardashians where Kim looks completely different.

One fan, in TikTok vide, thought the editing didn't match up which showed that the

scene had been filmed more than once, captioning the clip:

The scene in question focuses on Khloe finding out that her boyfriend at the time is cheating on her.

Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim all listen to a voicemail being played on Kim's phone.

However, fans then noticed that Kim's face looks completely different from one second to another.

One part of the clip shows Kim wearing barely any make up and looking fresh