Kazuchika Okada Issues Interesting Statement About The Forbidden Door

After coming up short in a 4-way match for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday,

Okada took to Twitter the following day to thank AEW, as well as the fans in Chicago. “The door is closed,”

Okada said as he heads back to Japan to compete in this year’s G1 Climax tournament, “but I’ll open the door again.”

See you next time,” Okada finished, adding to the speculation of a possible sequel to Forbidden Door, possibly next year.

Tony Khan has been outspoken in his fondness for Gedo, Rocky Romero, and all of the other NJPW

officials that made Sunday’s big cross-promotional event happen, and has said numerous times that he

hopes for a follow-up. NJPW is about to head into a busy summer with the largest G1 Climax in some time,

so it would make sense that they have other priorities than the “forbidden door,” though it should be noted

Lance Archer will be traveling through said door to the tournament.