Kanye West sued for not returning 13 'rare pieces' to fashion rental company

A rare fashion rental company the David Casavant Archive launched a lawsuit

against Kanye West for $416,000 in unpaid clothing rental fees, Billboard reported Thursday.

The Donda 2 rapper has been accused of not returning 13 of the 49 pieces of clothing he rented in March.

As reported by TMZ, the 31-year-old stylist launched the suit against the hip-hop

star for $221K in unpaid rental fees and $195K to replace the missing 13 'rare, esteemed pieces'.

The listed items also include a vintage blue denim jacket designed by Helmut Lang

that West wore in the b&w music video for Rihanna’s 2015 song FourFiveSeconds.

West and the stylist started working in 2014 and collaborated 12 times for The David Casavant Archive’s online portfolio.

Meanwhile, the rapper recently reappeared in the public eye to honour Sean