Kanye West in legal trouble as Pete ‘100 percent’ ready to marry Kim Kardashian

Kanye West continues to get tangled up in legal troubles as a production and

design label launched a suit against the rapper for more than seven million dollars.

Phantom Labs worked on the artist’s multiple projects including Donda 2 live stream,

West’s Free Larry Hoover concert with Drake and his cancelled 2022 Coachella performance.

According to US media outlets, the legal documents claim that the 44-year-old

hip-hop star promised to pay the fee following his headline slot at the popular festival.

We are incredibly proud of the work that we did with Ye and are disappointed that

such a fruitful relationship has come to this,” a spokesperson for Phantom Labs said, in a statement provided to Variety.

“A celebrity weaponising fame and reputation to take advantage of eager collaborators is simply unacceptable.”