Kanye West Claps Back At ‘Headlines’ Around His ‘Kids’ On ‘Hot Sh-t’ With Cardi B

If Cardi B’s new song finally ushers in her sophomore album, it will definitely be some “Hot Sh-t.

Cardi dropped her entry for “song of the summer” on July 1, a track

featuring verses from none other than Lil Durk and Kanye West.

While listeners had to wait for the third verse to get to Ye,

the Chicago native got personal on the bumpy track, produced by BanBwoi and Tay Keith.

“I’m just sayin’ now I start to get used to the pain,” he rapped, seemingly making a

reference to his divorce from ex Kim Kardashian.

‘Til one day I say, “f– it”, brought my masseuse on the plane,” he then added for some humor.

He also dropped a line about his four kids with Kim,