Judi Dench reveals she gets irritated watching her own movies

Judi Dench has recently opened up that she doesn’t like to watch herself on big screen.

Speaking with The Sunday Times, the Oscar winner revealed, “There are a lot of

films of mine that I have never seen and I don’t want to because I would just be irritated.”

“The thing about film is you do not get another go at it,” noted the 87-year-old.

However, the Skyfall actress mentioned that she had no plans of retirement.

“I’m slowing down only in that I can’t see to read scripts,” she disclosed, adding, “But I will find a way.”

The actress also recounted a moment early in her

career when she was told she had the “wrong face” for the screen.

Meanwhile, Dench told outlet that she wished to spend more time on the stage than in front of the camera.