Judge dismisses Cristiano Ronaldo's sexual assault case due to 'bad faith conduct'

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed all charges of sexual assault against

football royalty Cristiano Ronaldo due to plaintiff Kathryn Mayorga's attorney Leslie Mark Stovall on grounds of bad-faith conduct.

The judge revealed that stolen and leaked documents containing

Ronaldo's attorney-client discussions were being used in their case against the 37-year-old athlete.

According to People, the judge from Las Vegas ruled, "Stovall's repeated use of stolen,

privileged documents to prosecute this case has every indicia of bad-faith conduct.

Dorsey continued, "And because the record shows

that he and Mayorga have extensively reviewed these documents and used them to fashion the very basis of Mayorga's claims.

Additionally, she noted, "Simply disqualifying Stovall will not purge the prejudice from their misuse.