Jordan Roemmele: 5 Things About Adrian Grenier’s Wife Who He Eloped With In Morocco

Adrian Grenier is most famous for his role as Vincent Chase on HBO’s Entourage.

The 45-year-old New Mexico native won a new legion of fans starring in the Mark

Wahlberg-produced series — but he already had a solid following by starring in 1999’s Drive Me Crazy

with Melissa Joan Hart and subsequently playing the hunk in the accompanying music video with Britney Spears!

He then cemented his status as a leading heartthrob

when he won the part of Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend in the 2006 iconic comedy Devil Wears Prada.

Since the end of Entourage in 2011 — with a movie version out in 2015

Adrian has kept a low profile in the on-screen acting category.

He’s been focusing on working behind the camera and giving his time to many philanthropic efforts,