Johnny Depp's win in trial 'derails' #MeToo? Emma Thompson speaks out

British actor Emma Thompson recently shared her views on Johnny Depp - Amber Heard trial’s verdict and its impact on the #MeToo movement.

During her appearance on BBC Women’s Hour, the 63-year-old actor said that the

movement will not be ‘derailed’ by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s victory in the defamation battle against his ex-wife.

"One of the great issues to do with that case is fame and how people who are

famous are treated differently and viewed differently," she said.

"The #MeToo movement is not going to be derailed by that, but in order for it not

to be derailed, we just have to keep on talking. We have to keep on talking and

refuse to allow it to be derailed by a case [with] two very, very, very famous people,” Thompson added.

The Cruella actor also expressed, “A case where the two protagonists are that famous is not representative.