Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Don’t Think Verdict Will Affect #MeToo Movement

Johnny Depp’s lawyers Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez denied Wednesday there was a

coordinated campaign to drum up support for their client and that their victory in his defamation lawsuit

against his ex-wife Amber Heard will damper the #MeToo movement, as Heard and some victims organizations have said it will.

Depp joined TikTok this week, a platform where there was strong support for him during the trial, and posted

a video thanking his supporters and showed footage of those who stood outside the courthouse to cheer and

hold signs for him. “We will all move forward together,” he said, hinting at a restart to his career after the trial.

Chew said that social media—which was gripped by

the trial and seemed to overwhelmingly favor Depp—didn’t play a role in influencing the verdict.

Speaking on Good Morning America, Vasquez said they “encourage any victim to come forward—domestic violence doesn't have a gender.”