Johnny Depp's attorney explains his viral fist pump moment when Amber Heard mentioned Kate Moss stairs story

Johnny Depp and his attorney Ben Chew were seen celebrating during the trial when Amber Heard

repeated her claim that Johnny had pushed his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss down a staircase.

Johnny Depp's attorney Ben Chew, who was seen pumping his fis during the defamation trial against

Amber Heard when she mentioned British model Kate Moss, is now opening up about the reason behind it.

The jury ruled in Johnny's favour in its verdict on June 1, and Kate Moss'

testimony in his defense is believed to have played a part in it.

Ben Chew has now shared that he had lost his composure for a moment when

Amber repeated her claim that she punched Johnny once because she had

heard that he pushed his ex-girlfriend Kate down the stairs.