Johnny Depp settles assault case with ‘City of Lies’ location manager

A settlement between Johnny Depp and a ‘City of Lies’ crew member has saved

the actor from making an encore appearance in court this month.

The crew member had alleged that Depp punched him on the film’s set back in 2017, reports ‘Variety’.

As per ‘Variety’, Depp had been scheduled to go to a civil trial in Los Angeles on July 25, less

than two months after winning his defamation battle in a Virginia courtroom against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, a location manager, sued Depp in 2018, alleging that Depp became

angry after Brooks informed him they had to stop filming for the night.

According to the suit, accessed by ‘Variety’, the production had a permit to shoot at the Barclay

Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, but the permit expired at 10 p.m.