Johnny Depp Is Back On The Screen In This New Series

Dissolute actor Johnny Depp will be returning to our screens, just weeks after a jury found in his favour

in the (now infamous) defamation case Depp launched against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

According to a piece in the New York Post, Depp is slated to appear in a docuseries called Boston

George, about the (recently deceased) cocaine-trafficking Medellín Cartel affiliate whom Depp portrayed in Blow, in 2001.

Given Depp’s checkered history with drugs, it makes sense that he’d feel an affinity towards “Boston George” – real name George Jung.

Indeed, Depp has been quoted as saying that his blow-besotted buddy is  “one of my favorite [sic] people

Jung was a notorious cocaine smuggler at the peak of the 1980s crisis in the US;

he was sentenced to 70 years behind bars after being apprehended by authorities but managed to whittle down

his sentence to 20 years, by agreeing to provide testimony against his former partner-in-crime Carlos Lehder.