Johnny Depp fighting second ‘hostile’ settlement while Amber Heard packs on appeals

Johnny Depp has reportedly found himself on the receiving end of a lawsuit this

time around, and his ex-wife Amber Heard is pumping in appeal after appeal.

For those unversed, the lawsuit has been filed by Gregg Rocky Brooks. He alleges

that on the set of City of Lies, in 2018, Johnny Depp punched him in the ribcage.

However, since the initial filing, Depp has been negotiating an out-of-court settlement with Brooks.

According to Radar, Brooks cites “emotional distress” and “humiliation” as his

main woes, and added that Depp’s “intoxication and temper” created a “hostile, abusive and unsafe work environment.”

The lawsuit even goes on to allege that Depp offered him nearly $100,000 to

punch him in the “unspecified damages” charge that includes the film’s producers and directors as well.