Johnny Depp Avoiding First Amendment Core Of $50M Trial Against Amber Heard Could Prove Key To Victory: Analysis

the jury’s first full day of deliberations, Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation trial against Amber Heard has become a morass of misdirection and repugnance.

After six weeks, the plaintiff and defense both rested their cases Friday

and a seven-person jury finally went behind closed doors to decide on the courtroom drama.

With both a sunglasses-wearing Depp and Heard sitting in the Fairfax County Courthouse courtroom

their respective lawyers offered up pugilistic closing arguments last week seemingly designed to cast

the other side in the most toxic light possible.

Bizarrely, the defense waited until the final hours to frame the matter around the First Amendment

a choice that may have been lost in the celebrity deluge since the trial started April 11. Unsurprisingly

with Depp and Heard both taking the stand twice, the livestreamed case has riveted a large chunk of the country