John Cena Concedes He Wasted A Lot Of Time In His WWE Career

WWE has designated the month of June to celebrate the 20th anniversary of John Cena’s debut,

and the man, himself, sat down to rewatch the moment on a series called “WWE Playback.”

Instead of choosing to celebrate the occasion, Cena took the time to break down what he could have done differently.

Cena criticized his own mannerisms during a backstage segment with the Undertaker,

who shows him respect after a young Cena upset Kurt Angle in the ring.

Cena wasn’t happy with how his demeanor came across but is content with

how everything went down due to what he learned from it.

“It’s not a shame ’cause it was a good learning experience, and the story turned out okay,” Cena said, “But especially now, after

I see the match and I see the audience with where they lose interest,