Jeremy Strong learned how to fix a refrigerator to play a plumber

Last year, a New Yorker profile of Jeremy Strong set the internet ablaze with its details on the lengths the actor goes to inhabit his roles.

Though undeniably intense–he fractured his foot from running in Tom Ford

dress shoes on the set of Succession–his eccentricities seemed pretty unobtrusive to other people,

Considering everything Jared Leto inflicted on his Suicide Squad co-stars.

other than when Strong asked to be sprayed with actual tear gas during an extras-heavy scene in The Trial Of The Chicago 7.)

While the article was a fascinating, nuanced look at a guy who works hard and

also really loves burgers and Prada, it was interpreted by some readers as being a total hit piece.

His previous collaborators Jessica Chastain, Aaron Sorkin, and Anne Hathaway leapt to his defense on social media.

Now, Strong and Hathaway have been reunited in a conversation