Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Hold Hands While Chilling at a Rolls-Royce Dealership

Today in "wow, same!" Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were just spotted wandering

around a Rolls-Royce dealership, and honestly the vibe was cute. Bennifer held hands

throughout the visit, and couldn't stop cuddling even inside the shop while looking at cars. Behold:

Aside from car shopping in Beverly Hills, Ben and Jen have been in the process of

searching for their dream home now that they're officially engaged for round two.

And apparently these two are willing to drop a lot of cash on the perfect place.

Like, a lot of cash. Truly, so much cash you would not believe.

Back in April, the couple were spotted touring the "Spelling Manor," one of the most

expensive properties in all of Los Angeles which was built by TV producer Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy.