Jennifer Garner’s 1st Movie Was a Box Office Flop

Jennifer Garner is an accomplished, award-winning actor. Whether on TV, the big screen, or the

stage, she has flexed her range in varied projects. But Jennifer Garner’s first movie wouldn’t give

you that impression. A box office bomb might have tanked her career — and all for a mostly

forgotten cartoon adaption from the ’90s.

Many people are curious about A-list actors’ first movie roles.

During a Wired interview, Garner answered the question “What was Jennifer Garner’s first movie?”

She explained it was the 1997 live-action adaption of Mr. Magoo.

But regardless of whether Garner had fond memories, most audiences didn’t have the same reaction.

If “live-action adaption of a cartoon” weren’t enough of a warning, the bizarre plot