Jennifer Garner net worth: the fortune of the actress and ex-wife of Ben Affleck

At 50 years old, Jennifer Anne Garner is an American actress and

film producer who has managed to stay relevant in the

entertainment industry for more than two decades.

As a student, she first dreamed of becoming a chemist and even

took a semester of chemistry. However, she discovered early on that her

vocation was acting and so she studied at the National Theatre Institute in Waterford, Connecticut.

Alternating her facet as an actress and that of ambassador for transnational companies,

Jennifer Garner has managed to forge a wealth that financial experts estimate at $80 million.

In 2009 alone, together with Ben Affleck, they bought a house in the

Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles for $17.55 million, 

but nine years later they sold the property for $32 million.