Jason Reitman, Gil Kenan onboard for 'Ghostbusters' animated feature

Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan have been signed to develop an

untitled animated movie as an extension to the 'Ghostbusters' universe.

The project is based on Brenda Hsueh's script with Chris Prynoski and Jennifer Kluska at the helm of affairs.

The announcement was made during the Ghostbusters Day Ecto-Fest,

which celebrates the June 8, 1984, release of the original film.

The studio teased in a sizzle reel in April that a fifth live-action film in

the franchise was in the works, following the original, 1989's

'Ghostbusters II', the female-led 2016 'Ghostbusters' reboot and last year's Reitman-directed 'Ghostbusters

The studio confirmed what the end credits of the 2021 pic - which grossed $197.4 million worldwide - had hinted at