Jamie Dornan Consumed A Dozen Or More Flies, Recalls His Most Vulnerable Moments While Filming The Tourist

Actor Jamie Dornan says it was one of the hardest roles he had performed, but ‘The Tourist’ was worth it.

The six-part limited series, which debuted on BBC before dropping on HBO Max,

follows Dornan’s character, who wakes up in the hospital after an accident

with no memory of his past life, which was a messy one, ‘Variety’ reported.

Instead of homing in on the memory loss and the fact that, well, Jamie Dornan’s done some

things that have caused a lot of trouble and made a few people want to have him offed, ‘The Tourist’ leans into the humour.

I think the way it plays with tones, often so abruptly swinging from drama to comedy,” Jamie Dornan notes about what sets the series apart — and about what kept him interested.

“Just when you think you have a handle on what’s going on, you’re proven wrong.”

As his character, mostly referred to as ‘The Man’, tries to move forward, he starts to piece together what he’s done.