James Cameron Once Warned Sam Worthington Not to Mess up ‘Terminator Salvation’

Actor Sam Worthington’s most popular role might be Avatar. But he’s also had another notable

role in the Terminator movies. However, after being brought on for Terminator Salvation, director

James Cameron gave Worthington some stern advice about starring in his franchise.

Sam Worthing received a lot of attention after his starring role in James Cameron’s Avatar.

According to Yahoo, the actor was living out of his car shortly before being cast in the sci-fi epic.

Worthing’s association with Cameron would later get the attention of Terminator Salvation filmmaker McG.

“McG had heard about us and then I flew to meet McG and we got on. I liked the energy.

And I said ‘If I’m gonna do this I would like Jim’s approval.’ So I think McG phoned him up

and said ‘is he a pain in the ass?’ Jim said ‘yes.’ You know if I’m gonna do it—because it’s a part of Jim’s family, you want to do it with his blessing,” Worthington once told Collider.