James Caan’s Godfather costar Gianni Russo thinks of him as ‘rude’

Gianni Russo, who portrayed Carlo Rizzi in "The Godfather," asserted that he had

no touch with James Caan after filming was over or even before that, until the late actor asked for a part in one of his movies.

The Little Italy native claimed that when casting for the 1999 football drama "Any

Given Sunday," he received a call from Caan's agency.

Russo, 78, told the Post of the Al Pacino-led flick what the agent had said, “He

said, ‘You know, Jimmy would be great in this movie. He’s a great sports buff”.

To which Russo replied, “I said, ‘Do you think I would hire James Caan? I wouldn’t

give Jimmy Caan a part in anything.’ He was so rude to me”.

Russo asserts that from the first "Godfather" rehearsal at Patsy's restaurant on West 119th Street, Caan,