James Acaster and Ed Gamble take part in Celebrity Hunted

James Acaster and Ed Gamble are taking part in the next series of Celebrity Hunted.

The comics’ involvement was revealed when Gamble was forced to present

his regular Radio X show in hiding from an undisclosed location.

While on air, Gamble  repeatedly called the hunters ‘thick’, prompting chief hunter Lisa Theaker to call into

the show herself, to tell Ed that he is the worst fugitive we have ever had in the history of the Channel 4 show.

Gamble agreed, but said: ‘We're absolutely terrible, and they’ve still not caught us. So what does that say about the hunters?’

Theaker told Gamble he was holding his fellow fugitive back, to which Acaster agreed, saying:

She couldn't be more right… I'd be in Honolulu right now if it wasn’t for Ed.’

The chief hunter added that her team had monitored the pair’s every move, saying they had been to