It looks like the Pixel 6a is outsmarting the Pixel 6 in one huge way

Google’s Pixel 6a may not have formally hit the market yet but that hasn’t

stopped some reviewers from getting hands on a device early, testing it out and

showing a few ways that the cut-price Google phone doesn’t quite belong with the Pixel 6 family.

Malaysian tech YouTuber, Fazli Halim, managed to get hands on a retail-ready

Pixel 6a sample in early June and gave it the unboxing treatment, but now he’s

back with a full review, in which we see the 6a’s fingerprint sensor compared

side-by-side with the line’s current top-dog, the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

While both phones feature optical in-display fingerprint sensors, in Halim’s review,

the Pixel 6a’s sensor proves to be both consistently quicker at reading and unlocking the phone