Is Dua Lipa dating someone? The singer was caught dancing with a Netflix actor

Dua Lipa gave a fantastic concert in Madrid last night as part of the Nostalgia Ultra Tour

and for several hours, she became the queen of the Spanish capital.

However, no one expected what happened after the concert.

Images circulating social media showed Dua Lipa accompanied by actor Aron Piper after her performance at a nightclub in Madrid.

Piper became famous for his role as 'Ander' in Elite, a Spaniard Netflix TV show.

Together and affectionate, both artists continued the party in a Madrid nightclub, enjoying dancing, cuddling, and complicit glances.

The images illustrate a very affectionate attitude between the 25-year-old actor

and the 26-year-old interpreter of global hits like 'Cold Heart', 'New Rules', and 'Break my Heart'.

Aron Piper finished his relationship with Catalan model Jessica Goicoechea.