iPhone 14 news: Here’s everything we know so far

We’re less than three months away from the announcement of Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup.

We expect the iPhone 14 to be introduced in September of 2022,

and rumors suggest we could see a redesign, the biggest camera update in years, and more.

Head below as we round up all of the iPhone 14 rumors so far.

Given that the iPhone introduced in 2021 was indeed branded as the iPhone 13, we expect the 2022 iPhone to be the iPhone 14.

Whether or not Apple ever returns to the “S” branding remains to be seen,

but rumors indicate the 2022 iPhone will be a big enough upgrade to warrant a new number altogether.

There’s also the possibility that Apple abandons numbers on the iPhone line altogether, and new

iPhones are designated simply by their size, “Pro” or non-Pro, and year.