Interceptor movie review & film summary (2022)

Matthew Reilly’s debut “Interceptor,” now on Netflix, might as well come with a Cannon logo in front of it.

It is such an old-fashioned action film that it practically plays like a discarded Chuck Norris script, just with some modern gender politics

and social issues in play (although someone like Cynthia Rothrock could have easily headlined almost exactly the same film in the ‘80s).

With co-writer Stuart Beattie (“Collateral”), Reilly has crafted a movie that the characters from “The Expendables”

might sit around watching, and there’s something admirable about the no-nonsense hoo-rah of it all.

Some of the execution is a bit clunky—the fight choreography is flat, especially in the climax

but this is the kind of summer escapism that people often seek as the weather gets warmer across the United States. Now you can get it on Netflix too.

The story goes that Reilly purposefully wanted his first project to include a moderate budget with few cast members and one set.

And so we know it won’t be long before something chaotic when he drops JJ Collins (Elsa Pataky) on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic