How Tom Cruise Became Scientology’s Top Gun

As audiences take in Cruise’s latest hit, “Top Gun: Maverick,”

top Scientology reporter Tony Ortega looks back on how the star became

the Church of Scientology’s Maverick.

Tom Cruise is available to the press again

which explains why I was seeing video of James Corden at 5 a.m. on a tarmac waiting to join Cruise in his personal jet aircraft.

The Late Late Show host’s antics on Cruise’s plane delivered the intended effect:

Tom as cooler-than-you pilot really is like the superheroes he plays in the movies.

Seeing Cruise pilot his aircraft, I couldn’t help thinking of something Marc Headley told me several years ago.

Headley joined Scientology’s Sea Org as a child, signing a billion-year contract before working 365 days a year