How to watch Queer as Folk 2022 online: stream the Peacock Original reboot from anywhere now

It’s been 20 years since Russell T Davies delighted viewers with his taboo-

busting portrayal of three gay friends living in Manchester.

Now Queer as Folk reboot is back with a new tale that reflects the modern diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

Poignant, fierce, and full of heart, we’ll explain below how to watch Queer as Folk (2022) online from anywhere.

Taking Davies’ 1999 original as his starting point,

creator Stephen Dunn has catered the show for “a global audience”,

with the action now taking place in what he calls “one of the most

unique queer communities in North America”, New Orleans.

The 8-episode series follows a tight-knit group of queer friends and lovers.